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Original Articles
Yun Jong Man
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):1-3.
Song In Seong, Lee Jin Ho, Kim Hae Lyeon, No Im Hwan, Yu Gwon, Jeong Hyeon Chae, Lee Hyo Seog, Yun Yong Beom, Kim Jong Lyong
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):4-10.
Kim Jin Hong, Lee Mun Seong, Jo Seong Won, Sim Chan Seob
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):11-19.
Han Nam Ig, Jin Dong Chan, Jo Hyeon Mi, Choe Sang Ug, Jeong Jin U, Lee Chang Don, Park Du Ho, Kim Bu Seong
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):20-27.
Bang Yun Gyeong, Hyeon Jin Hae
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):28-26.
Seo Hye Sang, Yun Gyeong U
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):37-41.
Kim Yun Gu, Han Jin Seog, Kim Seong Gwon, Lee Jeong Sang, Kim Sang Jun, Kim Su Tae
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):42-50.
Wi Gyeong So, Choe Tae Seung, Lee Seog Jun, Jo Won Yong, Kim Hyeong Gyu, Choe Won Chung
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):51-57.
Lee Gwang Hun, Lee Jong Won, Min Byeong Cheol, Choe Seung Og, Jang U Ig, Kwon Sang Og, Park Chan Il, Kim Yang Seob
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):58-67.
Cha Sin Ung, Yong Seog Jung, Park Jin Hyeon, Sin Gye Cheol
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):68-75.
Jang Jun, Kim Se Gyu, Jang Sang Ho, Baeg Gyeong Gwon, Kim Seong Gyu, Lee Won Yeong
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):76-81.
Jo Jae Yeon, Sim Jae Jeong, In Gwang Ho, Yu Jin Mog, An Tae Hun, Kang Gyeong Ho, Yu Se Hwa, Kim Geon, Choe Yeong Ho, Yu Hong Og, Kim Dong Sun
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):82-86.
Eun Yeon Gi, Kim Seong Un, Yang In Myeong, Kim Jin U, Kim Yeong Seol, Kim Gwang Won, Choe Yeong Gil
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):88-96.
Jeong Dong Gug, Choe Tae Seung, Kim Yong Seob, Lyu Seung Gwan, Jo Won Yong, Kim Hyeong Gyu, Won Dong Jun
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):97-105.
Park Jong Won, An Seong Hong, Yang Jin Mo, Han Chi Hwa, Min U Seong, Kim Chun Chu, Kim Dong Jib
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):106-113.
Kim Geon, Kim Dong Sun, An Hye Gyeong, Go Il Hyang, Ham Ui Geun
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):114-118.
An Gwang Jin, Jeong Hyeon Cheol, No Jae Gyeong, Park Jung Won, Lee Hwa Yeong, Seo Chang Og, No Jun Gyu, Lee Jong Tae, Choe Su Im, Kim Byeong Su
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):119-126.
Lee Mun Mog, Kwon Yeong Geum, Im Sang Sun, Bae Ji Yeon, Lee Yun Seog, Choe Seong Geun, An Hui Gwon, Lee Ju Taeg, Im Nae In
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):127-130.
Park Seong Hwan, Yang Jin Mo, Jeong Hong Lyang, Lee Man Yeong, Seung Gi Bae, Chae Jang Seong, Choe Gyu Bo, Jeong Yun Seob
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):131-136.
Han Hyeong Su, Kim Jun Ug, Seo Gwan Sig, Kim Jong Sun, Yu Hyeong Jun, Park Hyo Sug
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):137-140.
Sin Chang Log, Jeon Jae Beom, Sim Jong Geol, Jeong Seong Su, Kim Seong Yun, Song Hong Gi, Jeong Gyeong Cheon, Kim Myeong Ho
Korean J Med. 1990;38(1):141-144.
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Author's Index
Author's Index
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